UCE supplies a full line of gun drill accessories including whip guide inserts (Gizmos), chip deflectors and gun drill’ bushings.

Pump Filters:

5 and 15 micron filter elements for the Mega Flow deep hole drilling system. Removes particles too fine to be trapped by filter bags. (5″ OD x 12 7/16″ OAL x 25/32″).

Filter Bags:

Upper and lower filter bags for the Mega Flow deep hole drilling systems. Traps larger chips and prevents them from returning to the tank.

Chip Deflectors:

Steel faced chip deflectors keep oil and chips in the chip box. (Sizes from .075″ to 2.00″).

Anti-Whip Guides:

Molded vinyl guides provide support that prevents the gun drill’s tube flute from whipping and bowing, permitting higher speeds without vibration. (Sizes from .075″ to 2.00″).